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its been a hard week. its been a busy week. physically, my back has hurt worse than it ever has (due to sleeping on the wrong side of the bed. you know when you wake up and find yourself backwards with your feet at your pillow? yeah..) and headaches have been bad. saturday i worked, and it was after all-night-prayer, which means staying up til 12 or 1am. so saturday morning i worked at 8:30am. woo! then there was fruitealicious and then there was a frantic shopping for gifts at…dun dun dun…bath and body! i had a fabulous deal though. have you ever put on old fashioned dresses and learned the king and I dance and various square dancing moves in a perfect backyard on a perfect texas evening? well then you’ve never had fun like the beers girls have fun. ¬†: )

seven brides for seven brothers?

sunday was mothers day!!! we went on a walk after lunch…after i woke up from my 2 1/2 hr nap. i love my mother dearly. I LOVE YOU MOM!!! I also had to work on sunday evening.

((goodness, its WINDY outside!!! chupp was telling me about the wind in her letter. now i kinda understand….))

monday was normal but i hurt my shoulder/back : ( ¬†tuesday was working and bible study and late night driving. and late night phone conversations : ) and good books. wednesday i got to the massage therapist. bless her. and thursday….senior banquet at church. today, senior banquet at ecc!! busy.

the thunder comes, the wind brings destruction. the computer, is off.