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this tea series thing is a *cough* failure* cough* on-going project.

ha, classic scene from my room. tea on my bed. slouching terribly. lazy pants who didn’t put her contacts in. bored out my my mind face. baha.


i need to watch elizabethtown again.

DSC02905P.S. ┬ádidn’t get into vocal team. don’t know why i thought i ever would have a chance.

this is from may, but today is a reminiscing kind of day. because i wish for this kind of peace again…

outside with tea and ginger 27th

coffee on the front porch, migranes, rain, making up songs on the guitar with a 10 year old.




someone said that tea was a spiritual thing. i agree.


this is the story of today: sewing madly. running around madly. tea in between and sore feet.