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“June loved to tease August about the way she pondered things, how one minute she was talking to you and the next she had slipped into a private world where she turned her thoughts over and over, digesting stuff most white people would choke on. I wanted to say, ‘Teach me how to do that. Teach me how to take all this in.’ ”

There is so much to take in. I want to sit down and observe it flashing by; I want to watch it in slow motion to I can appreciate all of the moments that I missed when my eyes were blinking. Have you ever thought about that, thought about the moments that went by when you blinked?

I take for granted to many things; one thing being my sisters. I’ve never realised what a close relationship I have with them and how special they are. They each have their own talents and perspectives and quirks and habits. Some are good at finding things, and some are not. Some remember, some are stubborn (all of us are stubborn) and some are nerdy. I love them that way.

I love the book, The Secret Life of Bees, one of many reasons being because it describes the beautiful relationship sisters can have. Of course this book is not for everyone. Many books I love other people think are not worth it or worldy (is there a better way to describe it?). It depends on the person’s perspective on different issues and their heart.

Recently Life has been flashing by before me and I struggle to keep up. My best friend graduated on saturday and summer has started and my sister Amy is here and will leave on Wednesday. She is staying a second year at the internship and by the time she is home and living at home again I will be graduated and possible going to college? Sad? Incredibly.

Even though I want to take things in deeper and look at them from every possibly angle I don’t want to over think anything to wrong-ness. Especially my best friend leaving for college or my sister being gone for so long. God has a plan for them; he has a plan for me; not to harm me (or possible, depress and sadden my heart?) but to prosper me and to give me a hope and a future.

I want to ruminate verses like that that so clearly speak peace to my natural worrying-ness.

So before I (or instead off) crying about heavy sad things, here are some pictures I took of my lovelies. Contemplate. Appreciate. Take pictures of your lovelies.



ams spinning; her dress is from israel, along with her shoes and her earrings.



my photography sis, els.




this scarf is from jerusalem from my sis, ams.


p.s. don’t you love the green-ness of the grass? it astounds me and I can’t stop taking pictures of it. this is really in my back yard and I didn’t edit it. yum.