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this tea series thing is a *cough* failure* cough* on-going project.

ha, classic scene from my room. tea on my bed. slouching terribly. lazy pants who didn’t put her contacts in. bored out my my mind face. baha.


this past weekend was intense busy. but awesome : )

i took some picture the other day. i’m sorry i haven’t been posting much.

“a thing of beauty is a joy forever, it will never pass into nothingness.”

click on above picture ^

so far, i’ve found this is the best type of exfoliation.

i went to the nature preserve with my extended, slightly dysfunctional chyler family : )


fairy land.

climbing in the tree : ) ah norah


on sunday, (…i’m blogging a lot!! paha) we woke up and cooked food before we went to church. check out the pjs! : ) i was thankfully behind da camera..

[my belly is full of rolls.] after church we had scrumptious food.

and pie : )

good day. kudos to the cooks!