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dear hannah, i made this for lunch, substituted tofu with chicken, for the only reason that i didn’t have any tofu and i knew i needed some protien. not that buckwheat soba noodles aren’t filled with protein :) anyways, check out this lady’s cooking website. <3 sigh.


..head gear(:

p.s. i knit.


just kind of breathing after a lot of things happening


i would like to make this. i am serious. someday.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

~ Anais Nin


“Bah, bah, sir, what does it signify? A little more elbow room is all we want here. We are quiet here; we don’t get badgered here; there’s no knocker here, sir, to be hammered at by creditors and bring a man’s heart into his mouth. Nobody comes here to ask if a man’s at home, and to say he’ll stand on the door mat til he is. Nobody writes threatening letters about money to this place. It’s freedom, sir, its freedom! Elsewhere, people are restless, worried, hurried about, anxious respecting one thing, anxious respecting another. Nothing of the kind here, sir. We have done all that–we know the worst of it; we have got to the bottom, we can’t fall, and what have we found? Peace. That’s the word for it. Peace.” -Little Dorrit; p. 63


i had this idea…and i think it worked out pretty well.dscf1383

this absolutely made my day. it is so fun. and so refresing to have fun from a stressful day full of things that you can’t have! why do people have to be so perfect and say so many things that make you want? And it makes me so angry that they don’t even know it!

but this is not a word vomit post. this is a picture post!