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Penelope the Fish graced this earth with her presence for only a short time; one day. Her gold scales shone and her beady eyes darted from side to side with as much grace as one can allow to a goldfish. Her characteristics included peacefulness, a remarkable ability of blowing bubbles underwater, and the refusal to eat the pink flakes of food that were so generously sprinkled on the surface of her home. One can not decide whether she died of shock or of natural causes. Yet in the goldfish hall of fame, her fin-print will always be reguarded with reverence.

Out with the pickle jar, in with the fish bowl:



Today I went to a baby shower and the theme was Noah’s Ark; therefore I inherited four fish from the decor on the tables from the numerous other gold fish that were going to be used for cat food when taken back to the pet store. Friends helped me pick out the names. Penelope was originally Portia. But we loved the name Penelope.

meet my family in the pickle jar:


Leopold has a mustache, Pierre is the angry grey one, Max is the nerdy gold one with the clear tail, and Penelope is the plain gold one.  (can gold be plain?)


Penelope rolls her eyes at the boys.


a good look at Leopold’s mustache and Max’s tail.


haha, Pierre’s angry face.