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sorry friends. life=busy. i wonder if anyone was missing my posting however.

first let me call to attention that it is the 27 of MARCH!!!! my favorite person is coming today!! :D

yesterday was the last day (forever) of my co-op classes. FOREVER. this event makes me so happy. so happeeee!!

this february i joined a site called where you swap postcards with people across the world. very much something i would immediately join after hearing about. if you don’t know me, know this: i really love postcards.  i found a great one at a antique store a couple weeks ago. (did i already talk about this one?)

haha :) the other side was fantastic too:

here are the postcards I sent to other countries:

I sent about 3 more..don’t think i took pics with those.

oh yea, heres the backs of a couple more :) i got slap happy sending so many postcards.

here are my favorite postcards i’ve received (some from very special people) :

heres a stack of postcards ( amy and i used to collect them) :

here are the postcards i’ve received from psotcrossings; two from Finland, one from Ukraine, Japan, and China! :)

So there we have it :) a long overdue post about postcards. maybe i’ll post more now i finally have this done. kudos!


snapshots of the happenings :)

bestfrand comes home for thanksgiving!

thanksgiving happens.


my birthday happens! ^awesome friends i have.

i have legs.

i get a ukulele from my favorite aunt! <3

chupp and i named it wade :)

chupp and i have a dance party in her dorm at Taylor!

we start a trend. fierce.

3G pranked^

it is very chilly out.

the end.


18th birthday advetures of cally and melissa(:

the things i will always carry with me on this trip are the new friendships and memories of stepping out beyond my comfort zone.

more to come. :)



the freedom trail


at harvard. :)




see you in a week! (I will be in Boston soaking up ((for the lack of better words)) awesomeness) those non existent blog readers that I love! I expect lots of love from you to see when I get back! ;)


P.S.  I bought a journal. and I took artsy picture of it.



because this is my favorite magazine.

because i want to read this. and this.

because i want to paint something like this.

because this sounds so good and i want to make it.

because i want to sew this.

because i want to be here; in edinburgh, scotland.

the end.

i will always remember the retreat and the lovely memories i have from it…

thanks, friends. i love you more than ever.






all of the pictures are blurry on purpose, to make my point.

i got all my prints from costco the other day…

i took a self portrait and something artsy of myself every day we were gone.