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it is the day of new birth…and i want to share the things i am thankful for.

i am thankful for my family and for how amazing they are. they love me so much and i have come to appreciate them more than they know!!! i love each of them in their own way and i am so thankful that i am close by that i can come home to see them. i love my dad and how he is my rock and always gives good hugs. i love my mom and how she is a constant reminder of how God is in control and how He loves us. she is always willing to talk and i love her for her. my oldest sister amy is a steady encouragement to me who is willing to share with me. she is the best big sister. ellie inspires me. she is constantly trying new things and dressing just how she choses, being tasteful and artistic and always loving jesus. clara is the last, and the best leetle seester. she is cute and doesn’t mind hanging out with me. i love her for everything about her. my family blesses me. i don’t deserve them.

my heart overflows tonight. i am so thankful for my God, is so faithful and leads me in his path. I am excited to see what this next year will be like…i look back and see HIM in my life this past year…even though there are so many changed things and differences. he knows what he is doing. i get caught up in me. i must me caught up in Him. lessons learned.