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this past weekend was intense busy. but awesome : )



18th birthday advetures of cally and melissa(:

Today I went to a baby shower and the theme was Noah’s Ark; therefore I inherited four fish from the decor on the tables from the numerous other gold fish that were going to be used for cat food when taken back to the pet store. Friends helped me pick out the names. Penelope was originally Portia. But we loved the name Penelope.

meet my family in the pickle jar:


Leopold has a mustache, Pierre is the angry grey one, Max is the nerdy gold one with the clear tail, and Penelope is the plain gold one.  (can gold be plain?)


Penelope rolls her eyes at the boys.


a good look at Leopold’s mustache and Max’s tail.


haha, Pierre’s angry face.

i will always remember the retreat and the lovely memories i have from it…

thanks, friends. i love you more than ever.






all of the pictures are blurry on purpose, to make my point.

mel: my yellow tank top is cooler than your yellow tank top.

el: so what? i like mine better. *stomps over* anyway, technically your tank top is a camisol. *snaps mel’s bra strap REALLY HARD*

mel: ow ow ow ow!!! HEY!

I started The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and was intrigued by a hilarious quote:

The book is narrated by a man called Gilbert (four and twenty) who has a younger brother whose named is Fergus.  Fergus thinks he’s hilarious. (“Preposterous!!!” shrieked Fergus, mocking his sister, the three exclamation points are there!) He says something, and this follows:

“But if he intended the speech to be hailed as a master-stroke of wit, he signally failed, for nobody laughed. However, He was not much disconcerted at that; for when he had taken a mouthful of bread and butter, and was about to swallow a gulp of tea, the humour of the thing burst upon him with such irresistible force, that he was obliged to jump up from the table and rush snorting and choking from the room, and, a minute after, was heard screaming in fearful agony in the garden.”

Obliged to go screaming in fearful agony in the garden? baha.

Sounds like something I would do…

These pictures are from the rain yesterday. You can see how it was REALLY cold and where I ran into the garage. haha.










library cafe


straw :)

or a chuckle…..

this was in the newspaper this morning.100_1329