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this tea series thing is a *cough* failure* cough* on-going project.

ha, classic scene from my room. tea on my bed. slouching terribly. lazy pants who didn’t put her contacts in. bored out my my mind face. baha.


i am thankful for so many things. food, family, friends, letters, music, guitars, texting, wifi, sisters, gravy, best friends, lovers, star trek, books, halfprice books, rice, turkey, beef, cows, fruit, gum, cameras, christmas lights, spongebob, toothbrushes, tongues, couches, cold weather, gingersnaps, slippers, thrifting, macbooks, tortellini, cooking, pencils, socks, boys, (boys? what is this doing on this list?) boys, redbox, cars, paint, aunts, ukeleles, birthdays, apples, gala apples, shoes, taylor university, pennyloafers, stamps, porcupines, sand, journals, & tea.

this is from may, but today is a reminiscing kind of day. because i wish for this kind of peace again…

outside with tea and ginger 27th

coffee on the front porch, migranes, rain, making up songs on the guitar with a 10 year old.




someone said that tea was a spiritual thing. i agree.


this is the story of today: sewing madly. running around madly. tea in between and sore feet.



my face is really not worth looking at this morning