i am a student, i love art. i love music. i secretly want to be a hippie. i secretly want to be vegetarian. i secretly want to run away and get a job somewhere. i want to go to college. i am single, and want it to stay that way until someone comes thats different than everyone else.

i want to live, i want to go to europe. i want to be jo march. i used to think i would accept laurie, but now i think i would be with professor baur.

i have a weakness for disney fair tales, especially mulan.

“She was like a wild creature, happiest when rambling the moors alone.” -fromĀ The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte describing her sister Emily.

things i like: scarves, sisters, guitars, pianos, splattering paint, pomegranates, tea, french presses, ponds, herons, books, syntax, madeleine l’engle, aunts, cooking, star trek, green tea black infused earl grey tea, a london fog or a zebra mocha (regular at starbucks), panera bread, scones, old photos, slr cameras, pomplamoose, annie brooks, indie, british pop, ukuleles,

and leg warmers.