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“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.” -little prince

it is hidden..
whatever i am looking for.
i drive myself into pits
looking for it
because when the dead end
or sneers and jabs
enter my thoughts again
it looks suddenly very dark out  b2758181


^flea markets. lets see, i got a plethora of vintage stuff: a messenger bag, earrings, a clutch/wallet, 5 patterns, & a japanese tin. i got some shoes and a mug from goodwill too. life is good! icecream with a friend later! ;)


i need to watch elizabethtown again.

DSC02905P.S.  didn’t get into vocal team. don’t know why i thought i ever would have a chance.

listen to this!

a torn out sheet of paper
it looks like i’m reading and concentrating
on the words
but in fact i can’t stop looking
at the point where the paper ends
and the tear begins

a broken window;
it looks like i’m looking at the view outside
but in fact i can’t stop looking at the point
where the glass ends
and the broken shards begin.

what would you say she would do
in my situation?
because i want to do
the very opposite thing

i’ll be tearing out the pages
and be breaking the glass
cuz in fact i can only focus
on the brokenness
of what you and I used to be

it looks like i’m focusing on the future
and not the now, thats what i’ll say,
but i can’t stop staring at the place
where it ended
and the place where the emptiness of the page begins

but please, no apologies
because in fact we ended
and something new begins,
even if its in the form of delicate broken shards

i’ll be wanting to go in a new direction
so i am slowly following
the pattern of my broken heart.
it is fascinating
the way it is still beating

school project :) check it out!


why do i compare myself to other people so much? what am i missing by doing this? i take my favorite things for granted.

Then, when he dies, his lifeless body
Cannot taste sweetness, feel the sharpness of pain,
Lift a hand, or be lost in reveries of the mind.

from The Seafarer (anonymous)