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so far, i’ve found this is the best type of exfoliation.

i went to the nature preserve with my extended, slightly dysfunctional chyler family : )


fairy land.

climbing in the tree : ) ah norah


on sunday, (…i’m blogging a lot!! paha) we woke up and cooked food before we went to church. check out the pjs! : ) i was thankfully behind da camera..

[my belly is full of rolls.] after church we had scrumptious food.

and pie : )

good day. kudos to the cooks!


sorry friends. life=busy. i wonder if anyone was missing my posting however.

first let me call to attention that it is the 27 of MARCH!!!! my favorite person is coming today!! :D

yesterday was the last day (forever) of my co-op classes. FOREVER. this event makes me so happy. so happeeee!!

this february i joined a site called where you swap postcards with people across the world. very much something i would immediately join after hearing about. if you don’t know me, know this: i really love postcards.  i found a great one at a antique store a couple weeks ago. (did i already talk about this one?)

haha :) the other side was fantastic too:

here are the postcards I sent to other countries:

I sent about 3 more..don’t think i took pics with those.

oh yea, heres the backs of a couple more :) i got slap happy sending so many postcards.

here are my favorite postcards i’ve received (some from very special people) :

heres a stack of postcards ( amy and i used to collect them) :

here are the postcards i’ve received from psotcrossings; two from Finland, one from Ukraine, Japan, and China! :)

So there we have it :) a long overdue post about postcards. maybe i’ll post more now i finally have this done. kudos!

snapshots of the happenings :)

bestfrand comes home for thanksgiving!

thanksgiving happens.


my birthday happens! ^awesome friends i have.

i have legs.

i get a ukulele from my favorite aunt! <3

chupp and i named it wade :)

chupp and i have a dance party in her dorm at Taylor!

we start a trend. fierce.

3G pranked^

it is very chilly out.

the end.

i am thankful for so many things. food, family, friends, letters, music, guitars, texting, wifi, sisters, gravy, best friends, lovers, star trek, books, halfprice books, rice, turkey, beef, cows, fruit, gum, cameras, christmas lights, spongebob, toothbrushes, tongues, couches, cold weather, gingersnaps, slippers, thrifting, macbooks, tortellini, cooking, pencils, socks, boys, (boys? what is this doing on this list?) boys, redbox, cars, paint, aunts, ukeleles, birthdays, apples, gala apples, shoes, taylor university, pennyloafers, stamps, porcupines, sand, journals, & tea.

Bon Iver – For Emma, For Ever Ago – A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

i found out about bon iver through this website.

i found out about this website from a friend who wrote me a letter in a magazine. she took a magazine and wrote in most of the white areas. brilliant idea, non? so beside making envelopes like this from magazines: i’ll be writing letters in magazines. needs a little bigger envelope :P

it is fall. i have a little book that i wrote lists in..just random lists, for instance “sound i like.” one of those sounds is leaves. wind in leaves, falling leaves, crunching leave, rustling leaves. what about painting leaves? (love at first sight)


the other day I had a dream that a hero of mine came to my house and was sitting at my kitchen table. she was there with her dreads, her bright boho clothes and her husband. and of course her sweet little baby boy. we were just talking and I remember being so nervous and thinking about what I could make fast and I was explaining to my parents who this family was. my parents being old fashioned it was a little difficult to explain that I follow this wonderful lady’s blog and I have fallen in love with this family through the pictures and stories that she shares. weird? yes. wonderful? yes. I look at my kitchen table in a whole new light.

i think i would be more excited to meet this person than i would to meet the president.

(thought process)

president>government>government class>current events discussion>swine flu>swine flu vaccinations>flu vaccine>last week I got a flu shot and have been feeling pretty down..and this morning I went to the doctor to have this sore through I’ve got checked out. doctors visit today>work>germ-x>and today at work they’ll ask me how my weekend went and if I did anything exciting…which I did. I went to our homecoming dance and to the Fort Worth Stockyards with my family. I bought some salsa.

quote of the weekend:

“do you want to chew on my bones now?”
“no, we’ll save that for later.”

the things i will always carry with me on this trip are the new friendships and memories of stepping out beyond my comfort zone.

more to come. :)



the freedom trail


at harvard. :)




this weekend was crazy. i made 4 new friends. i fell in love with a three story resale bookstore. (couple pictures, taken on phone. i apologize for the pictures taken on my phone: i bought a camera online hopefully it comes tomorrow..)

phone pictures

i went to a wedding. i hung out with my best friend. i found out a new favorite starbucks drink; (besides venti earl grey tea misto+vanilla, iced green tea lemonade, and occasionally zebra iced coffee)  mango naked juice blended with green tea (powder?) and strawberry frap base=2.90. keeper!

that is all. kudos.

yum. lunch with friends today was that. i love the ackwardness that we experience together and still love eachother despite ketchup spilled on shirts, “frozen sugar bom-boms”, milk with a little coffee added, brazillian roast chicken and honey mustard chicken sandwiches, asking permission to ask naive questions, laughing, lusting after the waters’ dreads, trying to understand that dulce de leche did not mean “flan”, bellpeppers or no bellpeppers, overall ackwardness.

i mean, overal loveliness. this is a conversation we had.

me: “hey, so, i found something out about myself.”

cally+ban: “oh no. what?”

cally: “that you are bi?”

me: “no! that i like french movies.”

ban: “ohhh”

cally: “thats even worse.”

me: “but i like them! i like subtitles.”

then we proceeded to petco to buy some more fishes, since all but one of mine died. i didn’t end up buying any. ban parked way too far away from the store anyway, they would have died in the heat.

i am falling more in love with you every day, friends.