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the melancholies  hit hard this week. but for some reason, i am light at heart! i am reading a book called the BFG. here is an excerpt of my favorite part. this books lifts my mood like some kind of chemical.

“By music, do you mean tunes?” (says Sophie)

“I is not meaning tunes.” (says the Big Friendly Giant)

“Than what do you mean?”

“Human beans is having their music, right or left?”

“Right,” Sophie said. “Lots of music.”

“And sometimes human beans is very overcome when they is hearing wonderous music. They is getting shivers down their spindles. Right or left?”

“Right,” Sophie said.

“So the music is saying something to them. It is sending a message. i do not think the human beans is knowing what that message is, but they is loving it just the same.”

“That’s about right,” Sophie said.

“But because of these jumpsquiffling ears of mine,” the BFG said, “I is not only able to hear the music that dreams is making but I is understanding is also.”

here is my second favorite part:

“I think you speak beautifully,” Sohpie repeated.

“Well, that is the nicest present anybody is ever giving me in the whole life!” cried the BFG. “Are you sure you is not twiddling my leg?”

“Of course not.” Sophie said. “I just love the way you talk.”

“How wondercrump!” cried the BFG, still beaming. “How whoopsy-splunkers! How absolutely squiffling! I is all of a stutter.”

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK. its fun to read aloud(:

p.s. this made me laugh and brightened my day tremendously.