what would you say,
about these plans
you may never hear them
but you might know
the story behind them
the story behind these words:

“and i don’t know where to start
and i don’t know where to start
you might think its easy
you might find differently”

you change your mind so quickly
i’m sorry but you’re sometimes more feminine than me
your fickle mind;
how many hours have i wasted my time?
and you might ask the question, why,
why does love never work out for me?

“you play me like you play poker
you lay down your cards
and leave with all the money
you know too much about me”

and you know so little about me
and you know so little about me
i gave you my

“i do know, you’ve got me started
and now i’ll move on
you may think that you’ve got something
you might find differently, differently.”

but as your mind changes
like the earth changes seasons
eventually you’ll come back
asking for forgiveness

but you might find someone else, i’ll say[reassure]
you probably will find another way
again and again and again and again.

and maybe it wasn’t something so great
maybe i’m just vulnerable
and you’re just ordinary,
oh, so very ordinary.

p.s. video!