obviously, those who don’t know what this is referring too, go here.

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i am reading this book, “extremely loud and incredibly close” about a 9 year old tambourine-shaking boy who is trying to find a lock a key opens that used to belong to his dad.. there is not a lot one can say about it if one is not done with it. bits of what i have read so far have spoken to me, and banged me in the head, or slapped me in the face; and i take that as a good thing.

muse:what should i do for retro day? how am i going to finish government homework on time? those are the two questions that are foremost in my mind.

imagine wasting a whole month on a particular subject, absolutely wasting

your precious time. (i was about to ask the question , “is time really precious?” but hell yes. if you are surrounded by people you love time is so precious. but when you surround yourself with people that waste your time and only think that they love you…materialistic-ness…wasted.  squandered.)

dear me, this person somehow gave simplicity to a bad day and made it into a breath of fresh air for me..even though it was a horrible day for them. maybe because it reminds me that i am not only one with crap filled days.

so far, this book deals with the past and the future and letters and art and psychological things and love and death and pain and questions. i love that it is full of questions.
it reminds me of this book a lot. and not at all.

and this. and really not at ALL. kinda-sorta. both of these were good books. and somehow they are all about WWII after affects;


yet life!