the other day I had a dream that a hero of mine came to my house and was sitting at my kitchen table. she was there with her dreads, her bright boho clothes and her husband. and of course her sweet little baby boy. we were just talking and I remember being so nervous and thinking about what I could make fast and I was explaining to my parents who this family was. my parents being old fashioned it was a little difficult to explain that I follow this wonderful lady’s blog and I have fallen in love with this family through the pictures and stories that she shares. weird? yes. wonderful? yes. I look at my kitchen table in a whole new light.

i think i would be more excited to meet this person than i would to meet the president.

(thought process)

president>government>government class>current events discussion>swine flu>swine flu vaccinations>flu vaccine>last week I got a flu shot and have been feeling pretty down..and this morning I went to the doctor to have this sore through I’ve got checked out. doctors visit today>work>germ-x>and today at work they’ll ask me how my weekend went and if I did anything exciting…which I did. I went to our homecoming dance and to the Fort Worth Stockyards with my family. I bought some salsa.

quote of the weekend:

“do you want to chew on my bones now?”
“no, we’ll save that for later.”