today its been raining, actually for the past two days its been rainin. i love it. i absolutely thrive in rain. it calls for cardigans, king sized quilts from the closet, open windows, lots and lots of tea, and umbrellas. and rainboots, which i just like to dream about since i have none at the moment. i can sense a little indulgence in the near future. :) i actually can’t help myself and try them on when i’m at target or academy sports. rain in cleansing, there is no blinding heat of the sun; yet the sun is there. there are clouds; as if the “sky put out her dirty linen” which is a quote from the book Crawford. it can be depressing, seeing all that angry gray in the clouds instead of the calming blue that we are used to seeing. yet for me, it means that the sky is washing the earth like its dirty toddler who was playing in the mud, we will be left naked and cold for a little bit, but then we will get warm clean clothes.