dear….empty internet space that i fill with my blog? life:

a. sandy sweaty and hot wednesday night back to school party.

b. hobo watching with claire and sarrie and of course tina ;)

c. talking to cally on the phone two nights in a row for over an hour both times

d. wearing keds and feeling like a dork but still wearing keds

e. taping together comic strips

f. seeing sierra and finally FINALLY giving her the painting.

g. make your own pizza nights

h. balderdash

i. sno-cones! blue raspberry of courrrsssee

j. walks in the heat

k. cardigans from walmart

l. cans of soup and sour dough bread

m. old aquaintances

n. finding out that Mrs. Leahey made her writing class this year for me. and that i am not even taking it!!

o. short satirical stories

p. sneaking out to the freezer and eating ice cream cake

q. reading the girl in the limberlost: a nice, fairy tale happy ending story. mood-up-lifter

r. i just absolutely love blue popsicles and blue sno-cones and blue slushies because they turn my tounge blue.

s. boys that never text you back unless they are bored

t. the fact that all my best friends are in college :S

u. making up songs that you can never remember but imagine that if you did you would get asked to sign a record deal immediately

v. cold pizza

w. sort of trying to make sense to the padres

x. gah! i need to read that chapter before tomorrow

y. choir starts tomorrow :D and youth band practice :D

z. possible sleep over tonight? if i can get a hold of people.

the end.

love, melissa