In the first couple pages of a health class workbook I’m going through (that is Bible-based) the author tries to scare the crap out of you about living an unhealthy life. I am all for living a healthy life and I also feel that it is natural and quite free-ing; once you get rid of the mindset of seeing “healthy” as restricting.

This class expounds on the fact that sickness causes problems. And I understand this to a degree not as drastic as the author makes it seem. I get sick frequently with allergies, sinus issues, and colds, and I understand the problems (or the results) of illness.

The points this class makes on the problems of sickness include (in my opinion and making a person feel guilty of) inconveniences our illness makes to our family and our small world, the fact that the person helping us is incapacitated by us, that those serves shown to us are wasted on us, that we rick of giving our disease to innocent others, the other fact that someone must pay for the expenses, and that if we have a job, we do our employer an injustice by being sick.

Last but not least (this deserves a quote), “It matters not how spiritual we are, how alert our minds, or how warm our hearts; when our bodies are sick, we cannot use them to serve the Lord properly.”

My reaction is one of disgust. Some of these things are true. But it seems the author of this curriculum never had a family member with cancer or even took care of someone they loved that was sick. My love language is physically caring for those I love; random acts of kindness; bringing soup to my ill friend because they crave it. These things fulfill me. I am not incapacitated by taking time out of my day to bless someone I love. My loved ones do me no injustice if they can’t make it somewhere; my reaction is to drop what I’m doing and care for them somehow. To go lay around and watch TV with them for a couple hours if that blesses them.

Serving someone you love, being there for them, is one if not THE best way to show some on the genuine-ness of your love for them.

I hate sickness, especially cancer. My much loved uncle found out that he had leukemia in May (thank God he’s in remission now). My sisters and I tried to right him a letter every four days. I never had thought of him so much, loved him so much; just the awesome thought that I could take time to possibly bless HIM, while I ceased to think of myself for thirty minutes while I wrote him. Were those “services” wasted on him? I think not.

I think giving of yourself, and the attempt of helping someone, are the greatest acts of love.

“If there’s any kind of magic in this world it must be in the attempt of understanding someone sharing something. I know it’s almost impossible to succeed but who cares really, the answer must be in the attempt.” From the movie Before Sunrise

I am not very spiritual, but I think that the last point the author of the class makes of sickness stopping us from serving God is the most wrong. Amy Carmichael was sick for the last twenty something years of her life, but look at the incredible things she did in India…and there are so many stories like that. There is a verse somewhere in the Bible that says, “The Lord uses the weak to lead the strong.”

Do you not think that the people God uses the most are those that have the heart and the willingness to serve him, no matter what their physical condition?

Booyah health class!