yum. lunch with friends today was that. i love the ackwardness that we experience together and still love eachother despite ketchup spilled on shirts, “frozen sugar bom-boms”, milk with a little coffee added, brazillian roast chicken and honey mustard chicken sandwiches, asking permission to ask naive questions, laughing, lusting after the waters’ dreads, trying to understand that dulce de leche did not mean “flan”, bellpeppers or no bellpeppers, overall ackwardness.

i mean, overal loveliness. this is a conversation we had.

me: “hey, so, i found something out about myself.”

cally+ban: “oh no. what?”

cally: “that you are bi?”

me: “no! that i like french movies.”

ban: “ohhh”

cally: “thats even worse.”

me: “but i like them! i like subtitles.”

then we proceeded to petco to buy some more fishes, since all but one of mine died. i didn’t end up buying any. ban parked way too far away from the store anyway, they would have died in the heat.

i am falling more in love with you every day, friends.