This is the second day of my new job…

The dot dot dot meaning that it has been ok, and it has been hard, and hot, and it has been tiring. I am a bright noticable shade different than I used to be, and I think all of the muscles in my right arm have turned into jelly from picking up kids over and over. I am really tired and not really used to getting up at 6am everymoring, to have nothing but sun and loud noises (mainly screaming) at the time I am usually having some nice waking up, making breakfast, hot tea, and sweats. My mornings have turned into early moring tylonal, bagel, sunscreen, tight swimsuit, whistles blowing, screaming, splashing, and freezing cold water. But I am slowly loving it more and more because of little kids that give you a hug and co-operate. Barely. I did fall in love with a 5 year old down syndrome boy I am teaching. He is just beautiful; blonde hair, tan, big blue eyes. He jumps off the side of the 3ft and says, “Save me!” in his adorable husky voice. His name is Braidy.

Anyways. Ouch. My back is a crisp red despite having put sunscreen on every thirty minutes.