today has been a very interesting day. i went to the chiropractor and tried a new type of therapy that did not help. i ended up leaving feeling very worse and went to the library. i decided to find a far away place to sit down and read and ended sitting in the very last row of books on the floor in the corner so i could text a friend that was having a really hard time and we ended up gripeing to eachother and being sad. the day was not good. the night had been not good. the day before had been not good.

when i got home i had a monster head ache. i tried to make some food. my friend called, and told me some bad news about student loans and money and lots of crap. i began again to feel that i could not do anything and we had more crying time. i played the piano for a while and made up a song about money. it’s silly.

i was eating the rest of my lunch. mom decided that was the best time to show me my phone bill for the month. on the list, mom had $15, amy had $15 dollars, and I, melissa, had a bill of 163 dollars.

what? what?

i was getting to the point of hilarity. mom said she’s look through the bill to see what had caused this outrageous bill. aparently i had texted waaaaaay over my limit while we had been gone on our trip. but 163 dollars?? i began to laugh, and i couldn’t stop laughing. until i fell out of my chair onto the floor. why does it always end in hilarity.

of course i’ll pay it off. i have to. its my fault. do i really have money to though? no. but i have to. i proceded to work on homework, an hour later, when the hilarity was starting to wear away.

i went to kroger with my mom and talked to my friend. it was a little bit of sunshine, even though the overall mood outside with the overhanging clouds and darkness was also sad. then i went to cleaning and hung out with christina. love her.

we drove to her house to get her car, went to tacobell to get cally dinner, and it started to rain. we ran through the rain to starbucks where we gave cally dinner and got a drink. that was bliss.

then we went home and ate dinner and played the piano for an hour and laughed and had a good time.

but 163 dollars??