i went to a funeral today and cried.

i went to church today and slept.

i went to a suprise birthday party and was happy.

i ate cake.

i wore black.

i tried to read and i fell asleep.

i ate icecream in my room on my bed.

i lusted.

i looked at a dead body in a casket.

i spend way to much time on the computer.

i took medicine.

i talked.

i stared at nothing.

i complained and i explained.

i called someone, i texted someone.

i wished.

i imagined hell.

i imagined heaven.

i thought about dying.

i played the piano and wrote a song.

i name the song little dorrit.

i shrugged.

i have a headache.

i fell asleep trying to read and i woke up and went to looke something up on the computer and now i am writing a post.

i need something.

something soon.

something that breathes.

and is different.