a. hurt knee on friday

b. painted with cally. what bliss.

c. SAT at St. Mark’s…glad its overrr

d. Arsenic and Old Lace (worth watching again)

e. little colton short

f. talked to amy for 1 hr 22 minutes

g. stayed home from church

h. elizabethtown. i cannot express how much i love this movie.

i. drawing one of favorite scenes from elizabethtown

j. hot chocolate

k. caught up on muuuch needed sleep

l. really restful quiet afternoon

m. run over to the library; 5 new books!

n. immersion in what i call “bull” books that are like temporary morphine shots. tough love, romance, etc.

n. talking again to amy for a while

o. really awesome dinner. chicken in a pot.

p. hannah chupp

q. surprises!!

r. song, Same in Any Lanquage by I Nine.

s. elizabethtown soundtrack

t. planting seeds

u. sunny day!

v. 5 blankets on my bed

w. skinny jeans

x. no choir at 4:45!!

y. random phone calls

z.  paintings on my wall from cally