so, today wasn’t a overly great day. there have been disapointments. and this is going to be a late night. and tomorrow is going to be a busy day. and today has been a busy day and its not over yet…

today is humanities we studied poetry. and i want to post a poem by e.e. cummings that we analyzed (in less than a minute). i am much more of a one-time  impression/expression(istic) type of poet and artist. somethings i can spend a lot of time on. but others are best done quickly with out thinking and then left alone. does that make sense?

one thing that really pisses me off is working really hard on something and thinking about it and putting effort and time and emotion into it; and then it being marked (guess you didn’t get this exactly, write this in THIS way, not THIS way.)

and i get the urge to just not answere back at all and push it to the back of my mind.

i have too many dreams.

not visions in your sleep type of thing but expectations in the future about things that are improbable. Oh how true is it that each plan is a prayer to father time. each plan is a little wave to god that says, hey, it’s be nice if you’d work this out and if you’d allow this to happen, if you’d allow enough time for us to grow old together and have a happy ending.

i have too many hopes.

and meanwhile i let this way upon my shoulders. and it is a heavy thought. but back to the main idea…i went out side and sat it the grass and tried to sleep. i realize how much i love the sound of wind in trees. i realize how i like hearing the sounds of cars passing and trains whistleing along with the wind and the birds and the airplanes overhead. on monday night i went on a walk with amy in the woods by her dorm. and it was so QUIET. and when we drove back toward dallas we went through the downtown a little. and i love it. i love the city. like hell.

but sometimes its nice to go camping. i really want to go camping, shoutout to anyone reading this.

when i was a kid i used to go outside and make houses and towns and food and everything you can think of out of nature. so i decided to have some tea with some faeries. and i smile as i read this thinking, the strangeness is being happy in my heart and smiling about little things like this when the world outside is raging and crashing and yelling and you have a headache. and your body is tired, and your soul is smiling.