Signed up for the SAT finally last night…very stressful and I don’t reccomend it to anyone… (I’m sort of joking) I went to joann’s with family on the weekend (Amy was home! that was nice) Picked up a magazine there called Cloth Paper Scissors and was inspired by this lady:

who makes all of these amazing clutches and purses out of cereal boxes and such. secretly, I want to be like that. I was to be an artist and be married and do what I love. ┬áscary that this lady also wanted to be a marine biologist when she was a kid! I’ve decided in my mind that I am going to get my hair cut. to hell with this long hair. Clara has the flu, and hopefully I won’t get it either.

But things that make me smile: cashew chicken, smart water, church choir, singing songs, youth worship, fasting, friends, art, oh-so-handsome boys in purple t-shirts (mmm), music, the thought that I will see Cally today, piano, dancing, and tea…

suddenly the day seems so much brighter!