school today,

dance; big muscles :),

talking with cally,

black tea,


movies about orphans,

laughter; lots of it,

talking with cally,


little brothers dancing,

humanities teachers,

old books,

good songs,

art class; pastels; awesome art teachers.

overall good feelings. it was a good day. even though part of it almost ended horribly. terribly. uncontrollably. but it is ok. thank god.

thank god.

i realize how much life is…life, today. and no words can express it, because even though how much i love words, they are so inadequate to what the heart says. why do words have to dictate and limit how you feel? and so much more i am learning that the heart speaks through silence. small actions of love. laughter. music. just closing your eyes and feeling your heart beat an extra beat and realizing its going to be okay, for now at least.

and that is the fragility and the beauty of life.

and i am so thankful for it.