i know some of these are old but i need to post them. i love how no one reads this and i talk like i have devoted readers. but really i made this for the benefit of myself so….


this is a fixed up version of my pastel drawing today.  i like it. a lot. i’m going to frame it and put it in my room. maybe. i like it in its raw form at the moment. here’s a close up that i’m trying to make my desktop…


and here is a pencil drawing of something random: that i did on the 23rd:


and i made this black and white so you could fully apreciate the pencil-yness. :) there is a color drawing behind it…thats why really.

it reminds me of seth from wicked lovely!!!

and there is more art…mostly watercolor though that you can look at  on the link: web albums.

good night.